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Fitness Motion Sensor Games

Motion Sensor Games built on Walking, Running and Jogging exercises. Contains multiple gaming modes, online and offline supports and single and multiplayer options.

How To Play the Game with Hoyo?

Wear the Watch in your hand.
Choose any challenge from the list provided.
Perform the activity (Running/Jogging/Walking) mentioned in the challenge to complete it.
Hoyo monitors your motion in three dimension and validates your activity.
For Multiplayer games,
Invite your friends and participate in the challenge together.
Hoyo offers several game
modes - Time Trial, Arena, Tournament, Daily challenges, Story Mode, etc.


Allows you Compete with yourself and others by setting your self-goals or by starting a sprint challenge in your daily running, jogging and gym activities.


Challenge Arena

Allows you to set an open record in running/jogging/workout at your own ground or gym and mark it on Google Maps, which can be challenged by anyone at anytime.


Allows you to set list of sprints and challenges to form a tournament and invite people to participate and compete.


Medals and Rankings

Based on your performance and levels cleared, HOYO awards you with medals and overall ranking within the other HOYO users.


A Safety Shield for you and your family

HOYO has been made into one of the most powerful safety device with its patent technology -An Optimal Emergency Communication System. We have given HOYO's panic button, the ability to automatically connect to emergency numbers like 911/999 and to take action by analyzing user's location and situation. HOYO can handle emergency situations like medical criticality, natural disasters, personal safety, terror strikes and many more. Feel safe and secured with HOYO at your wrist. Subscribe to Know More.

Make your Own Style Statement

HOYO provides you the full customization of watch faces and straps. The most vibrant feature of all is that HOYO allows you to create your own custom watch design through the multiple options to choose from like colors, photos and pictures of your interest.

Independent Mobile features

Supports 2G and 3G. You can make call or send messages without the need of your smart phone.



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